Web Brands Announces Successful Introduction of AerGun X-1000 Bike Pump

The Company has Overcome Manufacturing and Shipping Delays and the New AerGun is Now Available

February 23, 2015, Tampa, FL — Executives at Web Brands very happily announced today that all delays in bringing the new AerGun™ X-1000 Bike Pump to market have been overcome. The product listing went live on Pump-for-WebTuesday, February 10, and this very special bike pump is now available exclusively on Amazon.com.

For reasons unknown to this reporter, (Amazon is very tight-lipped about their system and its algorithms), new products do encounter delays upon their initial introduction into Amazon’s system. The AerGun Bike Pump was no different. It took a couple of days before sales activity kicked in, but two days after the initial product listing went live, the company reported that sales quickly picked up and exceeded their product launch projections.

To kickstart sales, the company used a combination of well placed ads, including Google AdWords, and also put the pump on sale. The list price for the AerGun X-1000 is $59.97. As of this writing, the sale price on Amazon is just $44.97. Research has revealed that this is an excellent price for a bike tire pump built to the high quality level of the AerGun.

According to company CEO, Bruce Bernstein, “Interest in the X-1000 has exceeded our expectations. We believe this is due to our AerTight™ pump head, which is superior to anything available on the market today, including those found on more expensive pumps. We also suspect that our choice to go with a different color scheme is a factor. People are tired of the ‘same-old, same-old’ drab colors usually found on bike tire pumps: black, red, yellow, or chrome. The AerGun’s bright green color is unique and, in the future, we hope to introduce additional colors.”

The company is also planning to offer a book about bike tires: “The ABC’s of Bike Tires… How to Choose the Best Tire for Your Bike”. The goal is to help consumers better understand the differences in the various forms of bike tires: road, mountain, cruiser, etc.; and to help them make more informed and better choices when buying tires.

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