AerGun™ X-1000 Now Available on

AerGun X-1000 Bike PumpFebruary 10, 2015, Tampa, FL – Web Brands LLC is pleased to announce that the new AerGun™ X-1000 Bike Pump is now available on  After many delays in design, manufacturing, and then at the port of Los Angeles/Long Beach in California, the pumps finally landed at Amazon’s warehouses on Monday, February 9.  Amazon turned on the product listing several hours later to make them available for sale.

To introduce the new AerGun to the market, the company decided upon an aggressive pricing strategy.  The list price is $59.99, but the X-1000 is currently available on Amazon for $44.97, which our research revealed is a very low price for a 160psi (11 bar), high quality pump with steel construction and the most advanced pump head available today.

Pump Head PictureIn addition to being a powerful pump that makes full use of its steel pump chamber potential (many pumps do not use the entire chamber for pumping air; the first 1/2 of the pump cycle is often wasted), the AerGun comes with the unique AerTight™ pump head that easily snaps onto both Presta and Schrader valve types without having to make any adjustments.  Unlike some pump heads that need to be disassembled and then reassembled to switch between Schrader and Presta valves, the Aergun’s AerTight Pump Head makes this adjustment automatically.  No adjustments are needed.

According to Bruce Bernstein, company CEO, “It was important to us to create a pump that was easy to use and offered the convenience of flexibility.  People usually have several bikes in their garages; some may use Presta Valves, and others likely use Schrader’s.  We wanted to eliminate the hassell factor of switching between the two.”

The X-1000 also comes with both ball and bladder needles so it can be used to fill pool toys as well as basketballs, soccer, and fitness balls.  Independent inspection and testing revealed that this is an all-purpose, high quality pump that works better than advertised.