AerGun X-1000 Bike Pumps Delayed by Problems at Ports of Entry

Long Beach/Los Angeles Port Problems Affecting Small Business

AerGun X-1000 Bike PumpTampa, FL,  January 30, 2015 – The continuing problems at the Los Angeles – Long Beach port are hurting small businesses and, like many companies, Web Brands and its new AerGun X-1000 bike pump have been negatively impacted.

The introduction of the new AerGun bike pumps was scheduled to have happened by January 23, 2015. The vessel carrying the container with the pumps did cross the ocean to arrive in the Los Angeles area on time, by January 7, 2015. However, due to the continuing delays at the port off-loading ships in a timely manner, the vessel did not actually ‘arrive’ (dock for off-loading) until about January 22. As of this writing, (January 29, 2015), there has been no confirmation that the container carrying the pumps has been off-loaded, so the delays are continuing.

The information provided by freight forwarders is sketchy at best. According to Cohesion Freight, the freight forwarder used by Web Brands to ship its AerGun bike pumps, the vessel is now being worked on, but due to the backlog of ships, and the scarcity of trailers to move the containers, things are taking longer than they had been. Cohesion has been contacted by many of its customers about this issue and has done its very best to provide timely and accurate information, but they have been similarly victimized, unable to offer the level of quality service they normally provide.

Much has been written about the causes for these problems. The port, employers, and unions all are pointing fingers at one another but it seems that the problem is made up of a combination of things to which all parties have some responsibility.

Ultimately product shipment delays hurt smaller businesses most, as they do not have the assets of larger companies and have more difficulty absorbing the costs associated with making alternative shipping arrangements. Web Brands did investigate the prospect of shipping to a different port, which would have increased inbound shipping costs, but were told that this would not solve the time delay problem.

A new problem has been created around the country. According to management at Cohesion Freight, other ports are now suffering delays, as companies have shifted their shipments away from Los Angeles – Long Beach and to other ports of entry. These ports were unprepared for the increase in shipments and they are scrambling to catch up.

Web Brands management is confident that these problems will be cleared up in the next few days and that its X-1000 bike pumps will be on their way to Amazon’s warehouses and available for sale early in February, 2015.