AerGun X-1000 Bike Pump Earns 5 Stars

AerGun X-1000 Bike Pump Earns 5 Stars
Top Amazon Reviewer Gives the AerGun Bike Pump Glowing Review

Tampa, FL, May 6, 2015 – Web Brands announced today that an Amazon Top 500 reviewer, Peter J. (last name withheld at author’s request), has given the AerGun™ X-1000 Bicycle Pump a 5 star review on the While the Aergun has earned many 5 star reviews since its recent introduction in mid-February, the company is particularly pleased with this one, as it is difficult to attain such a review from a noted Amazon reviewer.

Pump Composite - Main Image RGBCompany CEO, Bruce Bernstein, commented, “This review touched upon the critical things we wanted to include when we first envisioned the AerGun, and it validates our efforts to actually bring those to fruition.”

The review notes: “Upon receiving this pump, the first thing noticed was that the pump head had some heft to it and that it didn’t feel like a cheap piece of plastic. …a pump with a solidly constructed pump head that should last a long time. This pump head is great as there is no need for an adapter to switch between valve types.”

Peter J. goes on to say: “All in all, there is not another pump on the market that I have tried that gives you all of these features at a great price.”

CEO Bernstein also mentioned, “This review was a nice precursor to the introduction of our new pump color, Deep Sky Blue. We believe that the addition of this new and vibrant color will really excite the marketplace, and the timing of the review is a perfect way to share this with consumers.”

The full review can be seen on the AerGun product listing page on And, after a month long out-of-stock situation created by higher than anticipated demand, the company expects the pumps to be back in stock and selling during the week of May 11, or sooner. To celebrate the introduction of the new Deep Sky Blue color, the company also has announced a sale, with the pumps selling for just $44.97.


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