How To & FAQ’s

How to use the AerGun X-1000 with a Presta Valve:

How to use the AerGun X-1000 with a Schrader Valve:

AerGun FAQ’s:

  1. Air isn’t going into my tire (Presta Valve):
    Did you remember to open the Presta Valve? You must unscrew the little valve lock on the end of the Presta Valve.
  2. It seems too hard to pump air into my tire:
    Did you open the Presta Valve all the way? Make sure that you unscrew the valve lock all the way to the end.
    Did you push the Pump Head all the way onto the Valve (either Presta or Schrader)? Push the Pump Head onto the Valve until you feel it stop. Don’t be afraid to push too far or too hard.
  3. It seems difficult to remove the Pump Head from the Valve:
    Did you Unlock the the Pump Head before trying to remove it from the Valve? Simply move the ‘handle’ on the pump head back to the ‘down’ position – Down = Unlocked.
    Important Caution: The Handle will Snap Quickly Back to the Unlocked Position. Please make sure that your fingers are not between the Handle and the rest of the Pump Head.

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