AerGun X-1000 Floor Pump

The AerGun® X-1000

Sturdy, Steel Construction, 160 PSI (11 Bar) capability, the best Guarantee in the industry…
Limited LIfeTime Guarantee… and the Superior, AerTight™ Pump Head make this the best bike pump value available today. With the Aergun®, you’ll easily switch between Presta and Schrader Valves – no adapters, adjustments or fiddling with the pump head needed. Move from mountain bike to road bike tires in an instant. You’re gonna Love this Pump!


Great Colors…
Choose Below: Neon Green or Deep Sky Blue!

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5 starsBest Pump Period
(Posted to, Verified Purchase, May 4 2015) by Peter H

“Upon receiving this pump, the first thing I noticed was that the pump head had some heft to it and that it didn’t feel like a cheap piece of plastic. I finally found a pump with a solidly constructed pump head that should last me a long time. This pump head is great as there is no need for an adapter to switch between valve types. I filled up my Schrader valve and went directly over to my wife’s Presta valves and it filled her tires just as well as it did mine. The other huge plus to this pump is the 160psi indicator. This psi indicator works well and is extremely accurate when I checked with a separate tire gauge. That is a huge plus, I no longer need to have a separate tire gauge indicator. The pump also came with different sized ball and bladder needles. This is a nice touch as they include all the necessary adapters that you would commonly use.

All in all, there is not another pump on the market that I have tried that gives you all of these features at a great price. … I have no doubt that this company will stand behind their product. If you are in the market for a bicycle pump, look no further. Get this pump!

Advanced AerTight™ Pump Head

It’s all in the Pump Head! The X-1000 is an affordable bicycle pump designed to help you accurately fill bike tires: mountain bike tires, cruiser bikes, hybrids, cross country and especially high pressure road bike tires.

The dynamic pump head automatically adjusts to easily accommodate both Presta and Schrader Valves. No more fidgeting, adjusting or fixing the pump head. Just press the head onto the valve, lock the lever, and begin pumping. Remove from your Presta valve and go directly to a Schrader valve. The ability to Instantly switch between the two saves time and hassles.

This superior pump head creates an AerTight™ seal for quicker fill and more accurate pressure gauge readings when filling. The pump head is a key attribute for any bicycle tire pump and is what makes the Aergun floor pump one of the best available today.


Accurate Pressure Gauge


The pressure gauge helps you accurately fill your tires to your preferred riding pressure… Up to 160 PSI (pounds per square inch).

Plus, there’s an easy-to-see red arrow on the rotating dial. Just ‘Dial-in’ your preferred pressure setting and pump away. You’ll quickly see when you’ve arrived at your preferred pressure.

Many Uses:

The X-1000 is incredibly versatile. Both Ball and Bladder needles are included so you can use pump up pool toys, basketballs, soccer balls, Fitness and Health Balls, and more. In fact, it can even be used to add pressure to hydraulic steering systems found on larger power boats.

Most importantly, though, this superior pump head won’t leave you needing more air! It won’t ‘bleed’ air from tires when removed from the valve – even when removed from those temperamental Presta Valves.

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