About Us

Founder & FamilyWe created the AerGun® Bike Pump to tackle the problems we experienced with many of the pumps we’d purchased over the years. We just couldn’t find one that worked well, and lasted.

Perhaps you’ve had the same experience: after purchasing several of the bigger name pumps – they won’t be named here – and found that they only lasted about 1 year; or were not easy to use (unscrewing and switching the pump head to go from Presta valves to Schrader valves); or, in the case of one brand with a name based upon a ‘double entendre’, which didn’t work at all! (The pump head did not properly contact the Presta valve, so airing-up was a challenge, at best. We called the company about this fundamental problem. They knew about it, but provided no fix and never even asked if I wanted to exchange it for another model.  It seemed that they didn’t really care!)

We believed that there had to be a better way… That people should have the opportunity to get an affordable, high performance, high quality bike pump that actually worked. And, that had a company standing behind their products, driven to provide excellent customer service – to make all customers 100% happy.  So, the AerGun brand was created.